This is our all new DR10 chassis kit! The Renegade!! It features a carbonfiber main chassis plate and top rails with assorted spacers and battery clamp. It also comes with our 10" wheelie bar and DR10 wheelie bar mount. One noticeable change is the flat front end geometry or stock style laid back geometry. This has proven to be a very stable setup at speed. The car, race ready with short pack installed, weighs in at 1970g. Well under minimum weight rules.What you get-Main chassis plateTop railsBattery clamp electronics tray Front end shim/braceDR10 wheelie bar mount 10" wheelie bar. If you would like to get on the pre-order list, please message or email us and we will get your information.Pre-order takes about 3 weeks for delivery.

Renegade DR10 Chassis Kit, kickup also available(pre-order)I