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The Racer RC LS22 high performance wing kit has a few things different this time around to improve performance and top speed. The wing deck is straight on the sides instead of following the body’s natural swept line towards the rear of the body. This took out the funnel effect of the wing. Also made a stepped wicker with guide fins.


1 Cut just the back out of the body out.

2. Screw the wing sides to the center deck with 4 screws and nuts.

3. Put the wing on the body and make sure it is square and centered. Use masking tape to secure into the body and mark your holes for drilling. Use an 1/8" drill bit. Once marked, drill 1 of the center holes and put a screw in and bolt it snug. Then verify that it's straight and centered and then drill another hole and secure. Repeat the process until it's completely mounted.

Racer RC LS22 Square Back Wing Kit

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