This is the NEW PRO Hitman TLR 22 4.0-5.0 chassis conversion! It features a 3mm thick chassis plate, making it a very rigid platform that can take power in some situations earlier than the 2.5mm standard version. We have been developing this kit over this past season and so far it has been amazing. Easily running 2.2s out of the box has made it a strong contender. It features all carbonfiber construction with 10" wheelie bar and mount. The chassis offers a variety of battery locations and the ability to use shorty packs or full stick packs. The shorty can be installed sideways or lengthwise. You will need a complete TLR 4.0 or 5.0 buggy kit and I recommend using the gear diff filled with 500k fluid. What you get-Main chassis plate and Top rails, Battery clamps, Front end shim and custom front brace ,Wheelie bar mount , 10" wheelie bar, Electronics package tray, front bumper/body mount and rear body mount. If you would like to get on the pre-order list, please message or email us and we will get your information.Pre-order takes about 3 weeks for delivery.

PRO 3mm Hitman 2.0L TLR 22 4.0-5.0 Chassis Conversion(pre-order)