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New for 2023, the square back wing for the ever popular C7 Protoform Corvette. The standard version is made from 030 lexan with stainless hardware, optional choices include plastic hardware and thinner 020 main deck for high speed fold down wicker as well as lightweight.

Installation instructions-

The wing is designed to lay flat on top of the molded in spoiler on the body. You must cut some material off of your body to fit the wing properly.

1. Start by cutting the molded in rear spoiler LIP off the back.

2. Next, cut the left and right side spoiler lips off the top of the rear of the body sides. Be careful to cut just around where the lips meet the body. This will allow enough material to bolt your new wing to.

3. Next assemble your wing sides onto the wing center deck.

4. Now place the wing on the body and align it straight and square. Use some masking tape to hold the wing in place and mark the top deck holes.

5. Drill the top center deck holes and bolt your wing to the body and check alignment and squareness.

6. Now mark your wing side holes. Remove the wing and drill.

7. Now that all of the holes are drilled, you can mount your wing.

2023 Protoform C7 Corvette Square Back Wing

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